Surf & Explore in Northern Spain


This week was the first surf & explore week ever. In the North of Spain, besides surfing, we would be going on a hike and go canyoning and paddle boarding in the Picos de Europa. So exciting!untitled

The first days we went surfing on the beach at Langre. We caught so many waves. No one can get their smile of their faces anymore. After a long day at the beach, it’s time to relax at the villa. The villa is like a mini castle: it dates from the 17th century, and many paintings and other parts of the interior do as well.




Time to explore some mountains

After a half an hour drive we park at the end of a dirt road: the start of our hike. A walk through a hedge of ivy on a small path through a vast forest brings us to an open field where we can see the mountain peaks lighted by the bright sun. Whilst walking along a beautiful creek, we pass a bridge and church that must be at least four hundred years old. We decided to go for a picnic and a swim, and not finish the entire walk (which would have been at least three more hours), since we would like to spare some energy for tomorrows surf sessions.



The next day, we have another surf lesson at Langre. One after the other is making rides all the way to the beach, everyone is cheering, laughing and enjoying very much! The waves were bigger today and they are hard to get onto, but once you’ve got them, you just keep on going. Such a good feeling!


untitled7Another day of exploring takes us into the Pico de Europa. On a small river in a truly idyllic village with an adorable church by the water, we are going paddle boarding. We paddle past the church and go underneath a small bridge, where a water mill on the side appears behind an old yellow house. Just stunning. After this relaxed paddle we go for a slightly heavier one on the ocean where some of us try to catch some waves.

After this relaxing session it’s time for the big work: canyoning. We get ourselves into some 5mm thick ’90’s wetsuits, jackets, helmets and very sexy yellow, diper looking, gliding shorts. We first walk uphill for about 15 minutes, where besides us a stream with various waterfalls goes downhill. Overheated we reach the starting point of our way down. We jump into the first pool we can see. It’s such cold water coming down from the mountains, brrrr!

We start gliding and climbing down some natural glides. We get connected to a rope, with which you have to abseil yourself down. I try to look over the edge, but I can’t see where we have to go. I ask myself if this is a good moment to remember I’m afraid of heights.

A good couple of hours we are busy sliding of rocks, abseiling and climbing in the hot afternoon sun.

untitled5 untitled4 untitled3



Exhausted – more from laughter than the climbing – we get back to the cars and we are ready to have dinner in a Mexican restaurant.


What an amazing week we had. Doing so much exploring, laughing so much and having the best time surfing. All with a beautiful bunch of people. At the end of the week, it feels like the group would never leave us; we were grown into a good group of friends. However, it is time to say goodbye and we drop the guests off on the airport in Bilbao.

The villa feels empty when we return to Galizano. It’s good to have a moment alone with just crew to chill and do nothing, but I prefer this beautiful place is supposed to be filled with a lot of lovely people. Fortunately we will be back here next year, Hasta pronto!