C’est la Vlie

Ultimate Vliedom


It all refers to the beautiful island in the North of the Netherlands in the Wadden sea. In Harlingen you can get the boat, which takes you in 90 minutes to this peaceful place. No cars are allowed on the island except for the islanders and only 1100 people live there all year round. In the summer time it gets really busy with a lot of (mostly Dutch) tourists of whom the majority stays on camping Stortemelk.


Here you find Surfana Vlieland. Surfana Vlieland consists of a surf school and a surf camp. Kids between 13 and 18 can join a surf camp here during the summer holiday. They learn how to surf, do games and a lot of fun activities together. During the weekends the surf camp is open for adults who enjoy a week of surfing and chilling at the camp. At the surf school everyone can join a surf lesson. Lessons are divided in groups for kids between 6 and 9 years old, a group for the ages 10 till 13 and a group for 14+ years old.

All the crew sleeps behind the surf school. We all eat together and we are all enjoying the island together. You are really living together with the crew; everyone contributes something to the Surfana Vlieland community.


The last month I’ve spend here, I realized again how much I like this island:

Being on Vlieland feels free. It starts when you hop on the boat in Harlingen. You get away from the main land. Most people stay on the East side of Vlieland. Here is a small village and the camping is there as well. The rest of the island is mainly nature. Endless dunes and beaches, forests, a polder and half of the island consists of the Vliehors: sands where during the week the military practices and which you can visit only on Sunday or with expedition the Vliehors.

You can keep exploring the island: by bike, hiking, horse riding, sleeping on the beach under the stars, making a camp fire, meeting old and new friends, picking berries, surfing empty line-ups, watching the sunrise and sunset and all the amazing sky art made by clouds and all different kinds of weather. It’s a big playing field and the best 360 degrees film set to watch.


The best waves I’ve surfed in the Netherlands, I surfed on Vlieland. The only people who are surfing are the ones living or working there, which means: a lot of empty line-ups and a lot of nice longboarding waves, with or without current. Seals who welcome you in the water, or who scare you. Sailing boats, jelly fish, a view of Terschelling, the neighbor island.

img_4519After surfing it’s time for coffee at Leut Coffeebar where you can drink the best coffee and eat nice cakes (absolute favorite is Banana bread) or lunch.


We ended the summer with an absolute amazing edition of Into The Great Wide Open festival. Good music, sun, great food and so many beautiful and happy people; a celebration for all senses.


Besides enjoying the island, it is really special to spend so much time together with all the people who stay on the island during the season. There is a small community life going on there. Being back on the main land I realize how special it is to live so close to each other and enjoy the beauty of life together. Surfing, eating and laughing so much.


Vlieland soaked me up again with all the timeless adventures.

I’m truly thankful for everything.


A lot of love and Vliefde 🙂





Photos by Tomas Grootveld

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